Watch how Shadow Puppetry effectively highlights the bone-chilling Sikh Massacre of 31st October 1984


One of the worst days in India’s History is surely the 31st of October 1984 when, for four consecutive days, 3000 Sikhs all over the country were massacred as an aftermath of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination by her Sikh bodyguards. Many innocent lives were snuffed out by people who wanted to avenge their leader’s death. Children lost their parents and were orphaned at an early age.

Amnesty International has released a heart-rending Shadow Puppetry film that portrays the story of a young Sikh boy who loses his family during that period. The shadow puppetry is an amazing way of depicting the angst experienced by thousands of families at the time.

The young boy is celebrating his birthday that day along with his parents, with a birthday cake and balloons etc. and goes off to sleep with a smile on his face. But little does he know that the night will never end as he watches his parents being murdered right before his own eyes and manages to escape alive by hiding himself under the bed.

It’s been more than three long decades since then but many are still awaiting justice for the cruelty meted out to them and through this shadow puppetry, Amnesty International has highlighted the injustice many Sikhs suffer with, till date.

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