These three Indian born Americans Ash Kalra, Niraj Antani and Jay Chaudhari have won the state level elections

Pic: Twitter/Facebook/

Recent news that three Indian –Americans Ash Kalra, Niraj Antani and Jay Chaudhari have won the state level elections on 8th November in America has been spoken highly by many all over the world.

It must be noted that Ash Kalra of San Jose in California was expecting to win over a person named Madison Nguyen at the 27th state assembly district elections and this Kalra informed his friends and well wishers regarding his position by tweeting and he was appreciated. It was on 11th of November 2016 it was made official that Nguyen had lost in the elections against this Ash Kalra.

Ash Kalra expressed his delight in winning the elections and said he was happy to get the support of the people and thanked the people who helped him to come out successfully. Lincoln Law School of San Jose must feel proud and happy that its professor Ash Kalra won the elections now. This Ash Kalra also taught students at the prestigious San Jose State University is known.

Niraj Antani of age 25 is a graduate of famous Ohio University and has finished bachelor’s degree in political science. University of Daton’s School of Law must feel proud that its former student Niraj Antani has now won the elections beating democrat candidate named Patrick Merris. Another Indian-American Jay Chaudhari is spoken highly by many as he beat republican businessperson named Eric Weaver. This Jai Chaudhary wants integrity of the elections to be maintained. It is now said that there are other Indian-Americans like Pramilla Malick Neil Makhija and Mudita Bhargava who are also expecting to win a seat in the elections. Great!!

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