The story by Junot Diaz is a powerful call for voters


Junot Diaz’s story is actually a short poem that calls fight for justice and fight for equality. The said speech determines to remove hate and intolerance and open doors to a new nation for a new community. The poem urges for a call to act against inequality. It urges to be free and free from all or none.

Our story is an epic saga for everyone who made a way when there was no way. They are the children of bridges, bridges made from our backs, our tears, our sacrifices and from all the ones who never made it across with us.

In the Latino community, they find themselves under attack and demonized and endangered and this is not just in one country. This may be happening in other countries and states too. There are other communities like them which are under assault or under any kind of physical attack and that is why they cannot survive or live and the only option remains is that for living and surviving, they have to rose up and act against. They need to fight for themselves, to fight for justice and to fight for equality.

All must be free, all must be free, all must be free or None.

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