The Spy Story of Saraswathy Rajamani – She Dressed as a Man and Fooled British

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Not every spy is a man and to prove this, we now move on to our 5th Spy story of Saraswathy Rajamani, a woman and into the era of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. To make yourself better understand of her story, lets now understand a spy with a different perspective. To start with, we can say that they are those who comes in the real counting of heroes.

Come out from all the fictional stories of Spy’s, let’s come to those who really play some very dangerous games and that too with their life and here comes the story of Saraswathy Rajamani who dresses up as a man and completely fooled the British Army. She was in the Indian National Army of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Have an insight – Born into a family of freedom fighter, Saraswathy Rajamani changed her life aim completely when she got to about the magnanimous Indian National Army of Subhash Chandra Bose and at that time she was just sixteen when she left her normal life and joined as the youngest spy of INA. Now she was into the Netaji brigade.

The work of a Spy – Onto the British military camps, Saraswathy Rajamani and other girls worked over there as house helps as boys and never came in doubt and it was not just working which actually meant serving as house helps, instead they were all the ears on British Army and their activities and then they pass on the vital information to Indian National Army.

Also Saraswathy Rajamani donated her entire jewellery to the cause of INA. In the INA, it was said that if they were caught then the only way out was to shoot themselves immediately and such case happened. There was a spy girl who was also doing the same job and while passing the vital information, her link was captured by British Army and she was caught. She was going according to INA rules and before she could shoot herself, she was captured alive.

Here starts the big mission of Saraswathy Rajamani. On knowing this, her priority became the other spy girl and what she undertook was a complete life threat to her. Saraswathy Rajamani disguised herself, gained access, break into the British Army occupied camps, drugged the British Officers and before the British Army could came into action and take shots, Saraswathy Rajamani managed a successful escape and fled with the other rescued girl.

While she was running away, a British officer shot her in leg but till then it was very late. Saraswathy Rajamani and the other rescued girl were now not in reach of the British Army.

Saraswathy Rajamani story is also well known because there are some spy stories that are telecasted by TV channels too and EPIC did that. In the program “Adrishya” which featured Spy stories, also featured her story.
There are very few people who at a very tender age dedicate their life to the country and Saraswathy Rajamani is one of them.

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