The Spy Story of Ravindra Kaushik – The Black Tiger of Indian RAW

Pic: Alchetron

Here we come with the third Spy story and unlike the first two, this one has chills to run down your spine. Now that we are fully aware of who a spy is and what are his duties, he live or die for. In a very quick recap, to rewind a spy definition, a spy is one who works as a undercover agent and risk his life for his country. He does all sorts where from small level to high level contacts come under his job responsibilities. He can cross limits and he can fetch limits and thus a spy is formed.

This is Ravindra Kaushik who has been defined as the Black Indian Tiger of RAW, planted in Pakistan and was the most valuable asset any intelligence body ever has.

A former RAW agent who was caught and jailed in Pakistan where he eventually died.


Ravindra Kaushik was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. How his destiny get a turn was unimaginable, from a theatre artist to a spy in Pakistan. Ravindra Kaushik was a famous theatre artist whose talent was a gem. He acted at a national level dramatic meet in Lucknow and there, his acting was noticed by officials of Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW and there it all started. The officials from Indian Intelligence Agency contacted him after seeing his acting and the performance and few hours later, he was a spy of the RAW. The very first job that Ravindra Kaushik was offered was about to change his destiny, a job of being an Undercover Agent of India in Pakistan.

When other people decide what would be their goal in life, Ravindra Kaushik took a big step that changed the course of his entire life. He was  to be sent to Pakistan on a mission as a spy and things started. Recruited by RAW, Ravindra Kaushik spent two years in Delhi where he went under hard-core training and also underwent circumcision so he could pass as a Muslim.

Became well-versed with Urdu language, acquired religious education and then acquainted with the topography and other details about Pakistan and apart from all this, Ravindra Kaushik was very well-versed in Punjabi language and in major portions of Pakistan, Punjabi language is spoken on a daily basis. A deep cover agent was ready to be planted in Pakistan.

Pic: YourStory

In Pakistan

He was sent to Pakistan on a mission as a spy and converted himself to Islam and named himself as Nabi Ahmed Shakir. Kaushik later married a Pakistani girl and made his way to Pakistan Army as a civilian clerk and worked in the military accounts department over there. Ravindra Kaushik did his job supplying valuable information of Pakistan Army to Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW.

Later, Indian Intelligence Agency sent another of its RAW agent to Pakistan to get in touch with Ravindra Kaushik but unfortunately, the spy that was sent by India get caught by the Pakistan Army. He was tortured to the extent and he revealed Kaushik’s true identity which led to the end of Ravindra Kaushik. Somewhere. His end time was spent in jails and finally he died of a heart disease.

Ravindra Kaushik could have survived but Indian Intelligence Agency lacked somewhere. RAW did not maintained proper cuts-off.

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