The Spy Story of Rabinder Singh – The Man Who Escaped RAW and Never Returned

Pic: Catch News

Here lands the story of the fourth spy and it’s none less than a suspense thriller. As the title says about the man who escaped RAW and never returned and this obviously raises many question on a spy who is lost, unreachable and untraceable. Now hear this, if there are Agents then there are also Double-Agents and Spy Rabinder Kaushik listed among those Double-Agents.

Every spy has a different story and Rabinder Kaushik has much different. For Indian Intelligence employees, there stands one rule, one protocol – Need To Know under which only that information is available that you really need to know and behind this protocol of Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW, nothing stands greater. If you need to know more than available information to you then comes a sorry as you will not be eligible for it, you will not be granted permission for it.

RAW limits his employees there only and this is none of the business for the RAW Agents. The same case happened with Rabinder Singh. He knew more than was he needed to know and as a result, RAW put a 24*7 surveillance on him.

Indian Army was Rabinder Singh’s area and he initially served there and later in India’s External Intelligence Agency, Rabinder Singh was a joint secretary in RAW. Rabinder Singh while as an Intelligence Officer did that wrong thing. He broke RAW’s protocol. It all happened like this that Rabinder Singh apart from his work photocopied some documents that according to RAW wasn’t related to his work and this gave birth to the suspicion.

RAW did not find this right and he was put on surveillance 24*7 and then all his conversations were taped and an RAW Intelligence officer who too was behind Rabinder Singh 24*7. The Intelligence Officer every year headed off to United States to meet his sister over there and this could be the point where RAW did a mistake.

They let go him and he disappeared, suspected in U.S. via Kathmandu, Nepal and he flew by taking a support of fake identity. Though the RAW Officers there at Kathmandu did not find any clue of Rabinder Singh’s escape plan neither his presence over there.

As report claims, Rabinder Singh took fake identity of his wife too along for himself and flew from Kathmandu to America and after his escape, RAW get into and checked all his Visas and Embarkation cards. The day when Rabinder Singh was issued a passport number, the very same day his wife also got her passport Number.

Later RAW finally managed to trace him in New Jersey with another identity but this was another case as there was no proof that Rabinder Singh and that new identity, Surenderjeet Singh were the same people. No records on him and he managed a great escape like smoke.

It was just speculations that he escape to U.S. and further no report claimed that whether he was captured or not.

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