The Spy Story of Kashmir Singh – Returned to India after Spending a Long Term of 35 Years in Pakistan Jail

Pic: Encounter spy’s

Till now the five Spy stories that we have talked and told you about are full of mysteries, suspense, thriller, full of an adventurous journey and unlike spy agent films, they are more terrific and what’s more terrific, living in an another country, spying on enemies or having a real gun fight, we could term all this as terrific but when it comes to define horror then there comes a story which can define a horror well and it’s the story of Kashmir Singh.

He was the Spy who was jailed in Pakistan for a period of thirty five years and out of those thirty five years, Kashmir Singh spent seventeen years in jail, chained. He see no daylight, no sky and no visitor and this defined the entire life of Kashmir Singh.

Kashmir Singh in his early life worked in Punjab Police and that was his short term work. Going further, Kashmir Singh took up spy work at 400 per month on contract basis and relatively he disguised himself and entered Pakistan. He got different identity cards for each of his task.

Kashmir Singh was carrying his spy work until he was arrested by Pakistan Intelligence Officers on the grounds of espionage and smuggling but that could not be proved by Pakistan RAW Agency. Kashmir Singh after his arrest was taken into custody and an enquiry was set-up. He was tortured badly on third degree.

They tried hard to make him confess that he was an Indian Spy, and in the same year, a sentence of Death was issued on him by Pakistan Army Court and following this death sentence, a mercy petition was also filed in and then was converted into indefinite jail term and the horrific story of Kashmir Singh started.

Kashmir Singh in Pakistan was put up in seven different jails and he kept travelling in darkness, kept in isolation in solitary confinement and he was chained to a post for seventeen years. His captivity and detention in Pakistan jails were far away from freedom. The imprisonment was getting high n high on terms and with each passing day, his condition was also becoming worse.

On the other side, his family finally got a hope when a news was out that some few Indian prisoners who were accused of being a spy was released by Pakistan Government, they got to knew that he was alive there but on death sentence.

Kashmir Singh’s Release – His condition was not only worse in fact he became mentally ill during his tenure in jail and it was then put with Pakistan Government. It stated his freedom. Thirty five years was not less. He had spent his life being a prisoner and finally a hope comes out when his case was fought on humanitarian grounds and he was released by Parvez Musharraf.

He entered back into India through Wagah Border.

Spy’s are heroes and all they do is to serve their country with their best. We salute them.

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