Stunning news- This small girl gave a mind blowing message speech after the elections at a rally in Austin in Texas, USA and she is simply superb

Pic: Twitter

This is just sensational and is spoken highly all over the world. In the recent times USA presidential elections news has caught the attention of many. The results of the elections were announced and it took many by surprise all over the world.

Donald Trump wining the elections has been the headlines and he has now become cynosure of many eyes.
It must be noted that Donald Trump winning the presidential elections did not go well with many in USA and there were protests against him. It is now confirmed on Wednesday night in Austin in Texas there were some protests against Donald Trump.

It is now said that on the steps of the capital there was a little girl and this girl gave a powerful message and the audiences around her were stunned by the intensity of her words.It is superb to mention hear that the girls powerful message made the entire audience repeat her every single word.

It is now said that this little girl’s powerful words like ‘’ I am a female, I am mixed race, I am a child and I cannot vote but that will not stop me from getting heard’’ were amazing. She also said ‘’Love is love and love Trumps hate’’. It is now confirmed that the entire crowd liked it very much. Superb!!

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