#StopTheBullying- American actress Rosie O’Donnell criticized for commenting about Donald Trump’s son Barron Trump being autistic

Pic: RadarOnline.com

Rosie O’Donnell is a popular USA based actress plus author plus TV personality who has touched the hearts of many with her superb skills. It must be noted that as celebrity blogger and activist for lesbian rights she had made many heads turn. This sensational Rosie O’Donnell in her teen age started her comedy acting career and was awesome in her contributions as an actor and made huge impact on the audiences with her superb timing.

Recently she was criticized for sharing a video regarding Donald Trump’s ten year old son named Barron Trump and she linked Barron to autism issue. It is now said that her tweet ’’Barron Trump Autistic’’ made many huge noises all over. It is interesting to mention here that this video has been viewed on You Tube for 1.2 million times till now.

According to the video description it is now brought out that the words’’ Donald Trump’s younger son Barron Trump might be autistic and it’s time for the people to stop bullying him for his strange behaviour’’ has been sensational. It must be noted that this video is of the duration of seven minutes and it shows Barron trumps peculiar mannerisms thereby proving that he might be autistic.

It is now said that Barron Trump’s hands did not have co-ordination and moved erratically when he was clapping for his dad victory. It is now said that Melania Trump who is the mother of Barron Trump’s is threatening to sue the makers of this video.

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