Sometimes, being a black sheep has benefits, too, you know – Quotes of Vajiralongkorn, King of Thailand

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Because being in this position, the chances are slim people will become my friend or get close to me.

Being human, when you listen to this kind of things it makes you sad, sometimes it makes you annoyed.

I shall be honest to the people.

I shall be loyal to the country.

I shall undertake sacrifices and perform all burdens and duties to the utmost of my ability, for the sake of progress, peace and stability of Thailand, until the end of my life.

I, the Crown Prince, shall uphold with my life the dignity and royal title that His Majesty the King bestowed upon me.

In this period, our country has suffered a complicated and chaotic situation.

It is normal for people who are in this position. I knew that it would be this way. I am not lonely.

It is the duty of everyone to attempt to bring peace and unity as much as possible, by sacrificing one’s own happiness and self-interest.

Sometimes, being a black sheep has benefits, too, you know.

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