Shyam Sunder (Shyam Rangeela) who Mimics voice of Indian PM Narendra Modi


Mimicry is not an easy skill to do. To mimic a person one has do put lots of effort, practice it hard so that it is perfect and is same as the original voice. A person named Shyam Sundar has grabbed the attention of many all over the world now with his superb mimicry on Indian Prime Minister Modi.

People do many things these days to get noticed and this 22 year old youngster had successfully mimicked Indian PM’s voice. It is superb to mention that his words like ‘’mere pyaare bhaiyon beheno’’ has become sensation now.

It is now revealed that this Shyam Sunder did this superb mimicry on his friend mobile as his own mobile was not working and he felt delighted that he has become so popular all over with his superb mimicry act. Mokhamwala Village in the state of Rajasthan must feel happy that its own Shyam Sunder has become popular now.

It is now brought out that since he was a kid he had superb interest in becoming a comedian and even shifted to Jaipur so that he would be able to study animation plus theatre course.

It is awesome that this mimicry WhatsApp video has been appreciated by none other than the famous comedy actor Johny Lever. The superb piece of news about him is now he is getting many offers for his stand up comedy performances and he is happy about that.

Latest news about him is this Shyam Sunder one day wants to meet the original person itself that is Indian PM Narendra Modi. Superb Shyam Sunder!!

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