Shalabh Kumar – The Indian who supported Donald Trump in Elections and is also the reason behind Trump’s Victory

Pic: DNA

Shalabh Kumar is the billionaire who flew down Bollywood stars for Trumph’s Hindu Meetings. Shalabh ‘Shalli’ Kumar, a Chicago -based Indian American industrialist, is the founding chairman of the Republican Hindu Coalition and an ardent Trump, Modi supporter. He is one of the Hindu-American industrialist who has emerged as one of the biggest financial backers for America’s newly elected President – Donald Trump who emerged as a winner.

The Chicago -based business tycoon is the founding chairman of the Republican Hindu Coalition and has donated million dollars to the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s election campaign. Shalabh Kumar was born to a freedom fighter family in Ambala, graduated from Punjab University. He then went to the US to study at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and is famous for organizing the first exhibition of rare photographs of Indian freedom fighters such as Subhas Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad in the US.  Kumar also worked with the Reagan small business advisory council in the early eighties. Kumar is currently the Chairman and CEO of AVG Advanced Technologies an electronics manufacturing company.

Shalabh Kumar established the ‘Republican Hindu Coalition’ that works for strengthening Indian-Americans as a powerful voting bloc in the upcoming US presidential elections and as a non-profit entity. The official Facebook page of the Republican Hindu Coalition stated the mission as a single unified platform to build a strong, effective & respected Hindu-American voice in Washington and across the country.

The Republican Hindu Coalition has acted as a bridge between the Hindu-American community and Republican and will act as the best effort to be an Indo-American century through an exponential increase in bilateral trade between India and the US and a strategic alliance between the two countries at all levels.

He publicly voiced his support for Trump. He openly backed Trump’s stance on Pakistan and the plan to profile Muslims. He also backed Newt Gingrich’s calls for scrutinsing American Muslims.

Kumar chairs the Indian American Advisory Council of the House Republican Conference. Kumar has organized meetings between American and Indian politicians  and has particularly close ties with Hindu organization RSS and Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.  Kumar has described Modi as his idol with great future for India and US-India relationship. The Punjabi Tycoon is also the biggest supporter of Modi in US.

Donald J. Trump addressed thousands of Hindus in an event called ‘Humanity United against Terror’ hosted by the Republican Hindu Coalition in Edison, New Jersey, where at least a total of five thousand Indian-Americans cheered for Donald Trump.

The fund raiser comes at the heels of his campaign for the White House. In his speech, he laid focus on the relationship with India saying, ‘Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House.’ Shalabh Kumar wired 449,000 dollars to the Trump victory fund and his wife added to a second round of the donation leading up to a maddening total of 8,98,800 dollars.

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