Norway based Crown Prince Haakon spoke his heart out regarding fighting poverty

File Pic: Flickr

Crown Prince Haakon Magnus born on 20th July in 1973 and the only son and younger child of King Herald has grabbed the attention of many now. It was in the year 1991 this Haakon became Crown prince when his dad ascended the throne. At the famous Norwegian Naval academy located at Laksevag in Bergen this Haakon underwent first level officers education. In the year 1999 he got his bachelor’s degree in arts in the subject of political science from the renowned University of California in Berkeley in USA.

It is now said recently that he went on a three day long trip to New York for celebrating 50th anniversary of UNDP or United Nations Development Programme. It is worthy to mention here that this UNDP is involved in fighting poverty and in the last 50 years this UNDP has contributed a lot in this aspect. Recently this Norway based Crown prince Haakon spoke his heart out in a dinner held in the honour of UNDP and surprised many people there with his superb speech.

Haalon revealed about an incident that made him to start this humanitarian work of fighting poverty and spoke about a couple he met during his trip to Durban in South Africa. It is sad and shocking that this couple had AIDS and they had many kids. It is also revealed that the couple spoke about the future of their kids as they would not have anyone to take care of them after they die. These words created impact on Haakon deeply and thus was born his humanitarian work. Superb Haakon!!

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