Nikki Haley- 44 year old Indian-American is now being considered for the post of US Secretary of the State

Pic: Flickr

United States based Nikki Haley is now hogging the limelight. It must be noted that this Indian-American woman would be meeting Donald Trump and this two- term Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley is now being considered for a top post like US Secretary of the State.

According to the presidential transition team spokesperson Sean Spicer this 44 year old Indian-American Nikki Haley would be one of the important persons Donald Trump would be meeting and apart from Nikki Haley other persons like Henry Kissinger, General Jack Keane, Admiral Mike Rogers and Ken Blackwell would also be meeting Donald Trump to discuss important issues.

As per Henry McMaster who is South Carolinas Lt Governor fresh persons would be brought by Donald Trump to run the government. It is now said this Henry McMaster supported Donald Trump and was appreciated by president- elect before and is superb.

It is now brought out that Nikki Haley during the primaries endorsed Marco Rubio who was the Florida Senator. It is also now said that Nikki Haley was critical of Donald Trump in her republican response after USA President Obama gave his State of Union address speech in the month of January 2016.

It was before the general elections that this 44 year old Indian-American became cynosure of many eyes when she openly said she would be supporting and voting for Donald Trump. Another piece of news that would make many Indian-Americans happy is former governor of Louisiana Mr Bobby Jindal is also in the list of cabinet names.

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