Narendra Modi as the “Merchant Of Death”, A Must Watch by Cho Ramaswamy

File Pic: International Business Times

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a sensation not only in India but also abroad. He has become such a news that every single person is talking about him and praising him for his current decisions and is in news for all the right reasons. The man is the choice of great political party leaders and they too have been praising the iron man. This time he was introduced as the “Merchant Of Death” by Cho Ramaswamy in a very impressive and remarkable interaction.

Beginning with Cho Ramaswamy’s speech, he stated that Narendra Modi is a “Merchant Of Death” for terrorism, corruption, nepotism, bureaucratic negligence, inefficiency and poverty and darkness. As Cho Ramaswamy continued his words on the stage, it was a laughter riot from beginning to end.

Cho Ramaswamy was a very dear friend of Narendra Modi who died at Chennai’s Apollo Hospital. Narendra Modi also mentioned his news on his tweets.

Cho Ramaswamy’s speech about Narendra Modi was a very clear insight about how the Prime Minister is tackling the Country’s problems and trying hard in taking them down through his efforts. The speech is something that tells us about how our Prime Minister is going by choosing his own ways.

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