Kamala Harris, the second Black Woman elected to the U.S. Senate is daughter of an Indian-American mother

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Kamala Harris (means a lotus flower), California’s Attorney General, made history Tuesday night, becoming only the second black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate. Her story starts after  Barbara Boxer announced her intention to retire and Kamala Harris enters. The Democrat became an early front-runner in a crowded primary field. The interesting part is that while there hasn’t been a black female senator since Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois served and twenty African-American women currently serve in the House of Representatives. She is the next woman to represent the Golden State on Capitol Hill.

Here are some points of her from her wide-ranging interview by Journalist Donna Owens.

Early roots

Born in Oakland, Kamala is the eldest of two daughters, born to an Indian mother (Scientist) and a Jamaican father (Economics professor). She has one younger sister who is an attorney and senior policy advisor for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


As an undergraduate, Harris attended Howard University, an historically black institution in the nation’s capital. Harris earned her juris doctorate at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

First campaign

The political science/economics major was on the debate team, joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and got her first taste of campaigning. She was elected freshman class representative of the liberal arts student council and running a campaign at Howard was tough. She asked strangers to vote for her.

Post Graduation

Post-graduation, she launched her career as a Deputy District Attorney in Alameda County, California. She was elected District Attorney of San Francisco, serving two terms. Later she was sworn in as Attorney General, becoming the first woman and person of color to hold the prestigious post.

Ideal candidate

As per Harris, everyone has a for electing leaders who will be bold and be national leaders and getting work done. She is running to be the next United States senator to actually do that and solve some of the intractable problems of state and the country.

Constitutional Responsibility

Kamala Harris approved a ballot definition that referred to a nonviolent crime, and then subsequently the California District Attorney’s office produced chapter and verse that says that includes the crime of Brock Turner.

Eye of a Prosecutor

Kamala Harris thinks about various issues and sees them through an eye of a prosecutor. She have been working with a lot of different folks around the state and wouldn’t be able to get the things done that have been accomplished without work across the aisle. She strongly believe that most of the issues that challenge us as a country are not even bipartisan, they’re nonpartisan.

Harris’s Platform

Harris’s platform includes such issues as criminal justice and immigration reform, creating good-paying jobs, enacting family leave and equal pay policies, college affordability and universal pre-kindergarten for children and tackling climate change.

Finding Joy

She treasure spending quality time with my family. Whether it’s sitting down together to a home-cooked meal or watching her god-daughter’s debate competitions, being with family and friends is her greatest joy.

Passionate about Children’s causes

Harris worked hard to protect and support children. According to Harris, we have a responsibility to make sure that every child is safe, is healthy and has access to a high quality education. We not only owe it to those children, but we owe it to the entire community.”

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