Jennifer Lawerence wants women to be inspired by Hillary and continue to stay motivated and stay positive !

Pic: Breitbart

At Donald Trump’s presidency, Jennifer Lawrence, the Hungry Games actress is asking the people to change the world themselves, she wants them to get enraged and motivate themselves in a positive way.

She has vented her anger on his win in a column for Broadly.She wants everyone whether the person is an immigrant, or person of colour, or LGBTQ+, or a woman she wants people do be brave and loud and not be afraid !She has also cautioned people against rioting on streets.

She has mentioned in her quote that end of the day all that matters is being a man , no amount of qualification or hardwork matters.The country has mostly immigrants however the people today who are respected are the white men.Oscan winner actress Lawrence, had been outspoken in her support for Hillary Clinton.She had urged women not to lose hope and not to feel sad about the unexpected results of election.She wants women not to feel defeated.She urges women to keep educating themselves and continue working twice as hard as the man next to them since it is going to more difficult and women cannot afford to fail at workplace .

In her letter ,she wants women to get inspired by Hillary, and get important things done. They should not get dejected by this defeat ,but kindle the flame in themselves and motivate themselves , stay positive and move forward.She wants women to think strongly and plan the next steps since they cannot change the past.

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