Jayaprakash Narayan who changed India’s Politics was once declared dead by mistake

Pic: India TV

It was in the year 1902 Jayaprakash Narayan was born in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He became highly popular for his superb work in social reform and independent activism is known well now.

It was in 1999 this Jayaprakash Narayan was given the prestigious Bharat Ratna posthumously for his outstanding contributions. He married a woman named Prabhavati Devi when he was just 18 and this Prabhavati Devi was also a freedom fighter. As one of the front runners in Quit India Movement this Jayaprakash Narayan went to jail many times under British rule but made deep impression on the people.

One shocking news about him was in the year 1979 in the month of March he was declared dead by mistake and this was done by the then PM of India Mr Morarji Desai. It must not be forgotten that this caused national mourning plus suspension of parliament. Apart from these there was also closure of shops, schools etc and this was when he was in hospital.

It must be noted that this Jayaprakash Narayan smiled when he was later told about the mistake of Indian PM who announced that he was dead by mistake. The mistake was mainly because India PM Morarji Desai mistook another person to be Jayaprakash Narayan as they were similar in looks. On October 8th in 1979 Jayaprakash Narayan passed away when he was nearing his 77th birthday. Sensational Jayaprakash Narayan!!

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