Jayalalithaa – Powerful Quotes of Powerful Tamil Woman Political Leader & Actress

Pic: inKhabar

Anything can happen anytime.

Because we didn’t want to be accused of deviating from MGR’s policy of having cordial relations with the Centre. We are confident of our strength.

But that’s not the way the nation sees it, that’s not the way the people see it.

I am glad that I am relieved now. It is good that the Congress has finally come to a decision after dithering for many months.

I don’t think it was a humiliating outcome at all. The results show that we have retained our vote bank. We got more than a crore of votes on our own which I think was a very good performance.

I’m honest. Let me be very honest with you. I prefer to play straight and I prefer speaking the truth. If I appear to be blunt, so be it. Yes, I am misunderstood and the media have a large part to play in this.

I’m not irresponsible at all. That is totally removed from the truth. Yes I am misunderstood. As for all these tags that is because the media have been against me, not just for the past three years but ever since I came to politics.

I’m getting an overwhelming response from the 50 million people of Tamil Nadu. All this talk about the alliance is in the newspapers and the media.

In November 2010, the entire political situation was different. At that time, the Centre had not taken any action against those involved in the 2G spectrum scam.

What is this so-called corruption I have supposedly indulged in?

You used the words ‘standing offer.’ It wasn’t a standing offer [I] made in November. It wasn’t a standing offer. And I repeat, as to why the Congress didn’t take up that offer, they should answer it, they are the best judges and they should answer your question.

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