Iqra Khalid – Motivational Life Journey of Famous Canadian Liberal Politician

Iqra Khalid – Motivational Life Journey of Famous Canadian Liberal Politician
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Iqra Khalid is a Canadian liberal politician who was elected to represent the riding of Mississauga  – Erin mills in the house of Commons of Canada. Iqra Khalid is a Muslim woman who cares where Canada is going. She is a strong and professional woman and colored woman. She has her achievements.

About Iqra Khalid from the interview by the link Canada.

1Early Life

Iqra Khalid was born in Rukanpur, Pakistan. Later she moved to Canada from England and attended York University. Iqra Khalid graduated with a degree in criminology and professional writing.

2Life in Canada

After Iqra Khalid moved to Canada with her family, the best thing happened that she was never underestimated by her family. Her parents never differentiated between her and her brothers and this turned out to be the biggest advantage of her life.

3First Job and other things

Iqra Khalid started her first job when she was fourteen years old, she started working in a shoe store and the job that she took up in a shoe store was only for her parents. At the age of sixteen, she started her own business and used to do henna tattoos.

4Building relationships

After moving to Mississauga, Iqra Khalid in the university started a lot of extra-curricular activities like she became the event coordinator Pakistan Student association and later became President. Iqra Khalid over there talk about Islamophobia at events and build relationships with Jewish friends.

5Interest in Politics

Iqra Khalid feel connected to politics and felt that the is correct too. She became representation for the people and started talking about the youth, women and color topics which were easily got related by all. She believed in the fundamental understanding.

6Coming together

With the pure politics that Iqra Khalid began, it did a good job by bringing people together and achieving something. Her political campaign got success when people from everywhere supported her. It took days to make the right path.

7As a Minister

Iqra Khalid was elected as a Minister and this was a very positive thing and together represent the Canadians of the constituency where not only Muslims, also there are Sikhs and people from all across that sit in the Parliament now and according to Iqra Khalid, this has been going through a very positive way.

8Views on Muslims

Islamic Extremism is a global problem and Iqra Khalid agrees with this point but she is presenting the positive pictures of Muslims and what they really are and how good they are. According to Iqra Khalid, Muslims have rights and freedoms to practice their religion.

9Doing the responsibility

Iqra Khalid knows well what she is doing and by fulfilling her responsibilities by providing help to people in every matter she could help. Iqra Khalid tries hard to live up to the expectations and to complete the assigned work.


Iqra Khalid believes and accepts that whatever she has achieved is because of her parents who gave her full freedom to do what she wanted to do. Without their guidance, Iqra Khalid as say, wouldn’t be able to do what she is doing now.

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