Indian Politicians Who Have an Exceptional Fashion Style That They Liked to Keep it

Fashion is an on-going word that will never ever fade away and its exclusive thing is that this fashion keeps repeating itself from time to time, from old to new, from new to old and the circle goes on. Every person has got its own dressing sense of style and this vary from person to person, from politician to politician who roam around in their ever dressing fashion. Every politician has made its own set of style and with that just one thing that they always wear or keep with them, establishing their uniqueness.

Here are some names.

Nehru Jacket – Jawaharlal Nehru

The first Prime Minister of Independent India who was also famous for his dressing style, the Nehru Jacket and the Nehru topi. The Nehru jacket was much more like a sherwani which Jawaharlal Nehru wore every time along with his topi creating a perfect combibnation and on every trip.  It was Nehru’s trademark.


Flower in his Pocket – Gyani Zail Singh

Once the President of India. Gyani Zail Singh kept a flower in his upper pocket and that was his unique style. He always like to dressed with a flower in his pocket.

Pic: Wikimedia

Modi Kurta – Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister of India who is famous for his Modi kurta and his kurta is his signature. By wearing kurtas, Narendra Modi became a trendsetter and is known as a politician who wears kurta with a style.

Pic: Wikimedia

Muffler & Sweater – Arvind Kejriwal

Chief Minister of Delhi famous for his Muffler and Sweater. Though Arvind Kejriwal has his reasons to wear muffler and sweater hut these days he’s on to his fashion style. He even tweeted about his muffler too.


White Cotton Saree – Mamata Banerjee    

She maintained her fashion sense by wearing a Bengali saree in her office and everywhere. She generally wears a white cotton saree with a narrow mono-coloured border. Mamata Banerjee likes to keep her dressing style simple.

Pic: Wikimedia

Cotton Dhoti – Lal Bahadur Shastri

The Prime Minister of the Republic India. His fashion or dressing style was much quite simpler. He always wore a cotton dhoti, a kurta, a jacket and a cap. He was the kind of Prime Minister who was as simple as was his dressing sense.

Pic: ObituaryToday

Dark Color Sarees – Jayalalithaa

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu who recently passed away. She always wore a saree of dark colors especially green, blue and maroon color saree and that’s where her elegancy was shown. She kept it quite simple.


Kurta and Dupatta – Mayawati

Wears normal kurta and Dupatta and that’s her dressing sense in which she is seen in her every rally or elections or whether she is addressing people. She had maintained this fashion sense for years, from her early days of politics.


Yellow Towel – Karunanidhi

Tamil Nadu DMK Chief Karunanidhi is famous for his yellow color towel that he wraps around his neck and that yellow towel is seen every time when he appears in public. It’s a combination of white shirt and his yellow towel. Karunanidhi’s fashion sense became popular due to the shining combination.

Pic: Wikimedia

Half Sleeve Kurta & Half Jacket – Capt. Amarinder Singh

Politician from Indian National Congress who wear a half sleeve kurta and sometimes a half jacket. His appearance in public was mostly in this particular dress-up. Amarinder Singh made the dress code his fashion style.


Mala’s – Bal Thackeray

The hero of Shiv Sena kniwn as the supremo. Though he himself was the perfect man and dressed accordingly but his signature were the Mala’s that he always wore in his appearance. He would look up like a supremo in real in his presence. Many followed him. The role of Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkaar was inspired from him.

Pic: Wikimedia

Orange & Yellow Dress- Uma Bharti

The Indian Politician who is seen in orange and yellow dress. Uma Bharti’s public appearance was regular in the particular dress code like a saadhvi.

Pic: Wikimedia

Red Cap – Akhilesh Yadav

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who wears kurta, payjama, a half sleeves jacket and a red cap which followed by his other party members too. The Red Cap is Akhilesh Yadav’s signature.


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