Hasina Faraz- 61 Years Old Woman from Maharashtra Created History by Becoming the First Ever Muslim Mayor of Kolhapur, India

Pic: Facebook

It is always great to see people come up in their lives after facing many struggles earlier and if it happens to be a from woman community then it is fabulous and sensational. A woman named Hasina Faraz has become the talk of the town as she made history now by becoming the first ever Muslim Mayor in Kolhapur. Incredible isn’t it!!

It is important to mention here that this Hasina Faraz faced lots of oppositions and criticisms when last year she wanted to contest the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation or KMC and she was warned by a local body consisting of clerics. According to the clerics it was un-Islamic for a woman from their religion to contest. It is revealed that a fatwa was issued regarding this issue of woman taking part in polls and inspite of the clerics warning as many as 19 Muslim women contested the polls.

It is sensational that 61 year old Hasina Faraz has made history and became first Mayor of Kolhapur and she was appreciated for her courageous nature plus determination. According to Hasina Faraz the support from her family plus the members of her community was huge and that helped her great extent.

She expressed her thoughts and said Muslim women have gone into every sphere of life and signed off saying even in the future she would stand against extrajudicial elements if fatwas were issued. Superb Hasina Faraz!!

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