Darragh O’ Reilly- This teenager from North Ireland spoke about reducing the voting age and its benefits at the youth parliament

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Darragh O’ Reilly has now made heads turn with his mind blowing speech at the youth parliament and he has caught the attention of many all over now. It is now said that this speech by him was one of the powerful public speech ever made in the public. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It is known that these types of speeches would normally be made by politicians with great experience but Darragh O’ Reilly has surprised many with his sensational speech of reducing the age of voters and how it could be of superb advantage.

It is now brought out that he wanted to lower the age of the voters to sixteen and this would be very beneficial for the development of the country. It must be noted that this teenager Darragh O’Reilly is a member of Youth Parliament or MYP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone which is a parliamentary constituency in British House of Commons and its MP is a person named Tom Elliott. His speech was appreciated by many now and he is spoken in great esteem.

This Darragh O Reilly is of the opinion campaign coming and going and he refers that as one-trick pony. He also spoke about how voting at 16 is not a one-trick pony and further spoke about how 16 and 17 year old youths have kept them in European Union or EU. It is now said that his speech regarding the the need to have youngsters in politics is awesome. Superb Darragh O Reilly!!

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