Chansey Peach- This 28 year old from Alice Springs in Australia is the first gay indigenous parliamentarian and he has great support from people


Australian Chansey Peach is in the limelight now and is spoken highly. It must be noted that Chansey Peach since 2016 has been a Labor member of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly and represents Namatjira electorate. It was in 2012 this Chansey Peach was elected to the Alice Spring Town Council. It is now brought out that this 28 year old Chansey Peach is the Australia’s first gay indigenous Member of Parliament or MP and has become cynosure of many eyes.

The date 19th of October in 2016 is very important for him because on this day he delivered his first parliamentary speech.

It must be noted that in the meeting he made many heads turn with his frank and bold speech and he surprised many there. Chansey Peach spoke about how he was felt proud about himself. He later said he was a gay and a black. He expressed his thoughts and said he was happy to be the the face of diversity. It is great that many of his supporters travelled long distances to be with him at this superb moment.

Chansey Peach thanked National rainbow Labor Movement that gave superb support to him during the election campaign. It is important to note that Labor Party came out on top at the elections and it demolished the opposing Country Liberal Party.

It must be noted that this Chansey Peach has got a big family consisting of a sister and three brothers plus two half sisters also and he loves them all. He has superb political background as his grandparents supported Labor party hugely. As a result he was highly interested in politics. Superb Chansey Peach!!

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