Barron Trump – Son of American President Donald Trump is now World’s Most Powerful Child who loves Math and Science

Video Snapshots
Video Snapshots

After the US presidential elections, Donald J. Trump is in news for many reasons and before election it was projected that how millionaire Donald Trump is and his family and after the elections, with the winning of Donald J. Trump it was revealed that Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s son is now the most powerful child and now it’s his turn for limelight. Barron Trump is the youngest child of Donald Trump and the only son of Melania Trump. Being raised in Trump Tower, Barron’s living room is the whole area of penthouse floor. Here are some important facts about the child who made rare appearances during the election.


Barron Trump is enrolled at the prestigious private school, costs around $45K per year. The school in which Barron is pursuing his studies boasts alumni’s like Moby Dick, Author and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Barron trump is fluent in both English and Slovene ( His Mother’s native language).

A neat and tidy boy

Barron likes clean and white. The youngest Trump son likes decorating his living area with helicopters and airplanes, but he doesn’t like airplanes or cars on his covers. In short, he would never do anything crazy, like say, sleep on a bedspread covered with cars.

Little Donald

There may be another Donald Trump in the future. Melania has said on several occasions that there are a lot of similarities between her son and husband. She even refers to him as “Little Donald”. According to his mother, Barron Trump is “strong-minded,” “independent,” “opinionated,” and knows “what he wants.”

Video Snapshots

Not a Sweatpants Child

Barron doesn’t like sweatpants, but loves to wear suits. He likes to put on a suit, but not every day. He enjoys putting on a tie like Donald Trump does. Barron may be young but he still has exquisite tastes. Like any successful business person he prefers suit over sweatpants.

Barron like his father

Of all the Trump kids, Barron might be the most like his father. According to Donald’s longtime butler, Anthony Senecal, he believes young Barron is more like Donald than any of his grown children. Even Melania Trump goes by this that her son is a copy of his father.

Video Snapshots

Deep into his artworks

Barron likes to play alone for hours. He has a lot of play dates with other kids, but enjoys playing solo with Magna Tiles and Legos. He’s detailed in his artwork and likes to build tall structures. Barron Trump himself secretly likes a world of his own.

Barron moisturizes with caviar

Melania Trump shares a memory where after every bath of Barron, Melania  applied Caviar Complex C6 to her young son each night after his bath. The moisturizer was part of Melania’s short-lives skincare collection.

Loves Math and Science

Barron loves math and science. Melania shared that she helps her son with his homework with his favorite topics being math and science also Barron Trump plays after-school sports, such as baseball. He also takes golf and tennis lessons.

To the White House

Melania and Barron will not immediately move to Washington, D.C., in January, instead staying at their Manhattan penthouse in Trump Tower so that Barron (10) can continue his schooling at an Upper West Side private school; the pair may follow Trump to the White House at the end of the school year.

Ultimate Privileged Child

Barron Trump is the ultimate privileged child. He lives in Manhattan, but travels frequently with his parents to their Florida residence at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. His poise almost mimics that of a child born into a royal family.

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