Arun Gawli – All you need to know about Gangster turned Politician and his Real Life Pictures


Arun Gawli, the famous dreaded gangster will now be known to everyone since his biopic was announced and after the latest teaser which shows that Arjun Rampal has been roped in to play the character and it was enough to send down some chills by seeing the uncanny resemblance of the gangster and his ferocious look. The way, Arjun Rampal in the film introduces in the film by saying his name Arun Gulab Ahir had just gripped more tightly on the subject movie. From a milkman to a gangster to a politician, the man had many shades and here are some things about him you would like to know.

Early life

Gawli’s father  moved from Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh) to Dagdi chawl in Mumbai. Their life wasn’t stable and lived in a surrounding of poor financial conditions that led Arun Gawli to leave his school at a very early age and to support his family, he joined his family business of supplying milk.

Starting of criminal activities

Arun Gawli’s criminal activities started in Dagdi Chawl where he used the rooms there for keeping kidnapped persons, torturing them, extorting money from them and murdering them. Arun Gawli had kept his own activities and kept expanding them.

Pic: Outlook India

Roller coaster ride

His life soon turned when he was handed over the responsibility for providing protection of all Dawood’s consignment. He worked with Dawood’s gang for some time and then later he gave up the job and joined Rama Naik’s gang.

Dawood’s Arch enemy

After Arun Gawli joined Rama Naik’s gang, the gang suffered a setback when Rama Naik got killed at the hands of Dawood Ibrahim leaving him with many rivals and among those stood Arun Gawli as Dawood Ibrahim’s enemy vowing  a revenge on him.


Into Police sight

Arun Gawli’s brother was murdered by Dawood’s men and in return, he killed Dawood’s brother in law and became a criminal who was into look by every other rival. He managed a escape every time by Dawood’s men and even managed to get a escape from police eyes. He got a successful run.

Released by the court

Police raided him several times on many charges and crimes he had convicted but unfortunately his escape was greater than police. He finally get caught and got detained for long periods and when presented in courts, he was released through his fear that prevailed amongst the witnesses.


Political career

At that time there were some tax laws which permitted  criminals to fight election and this is how his political career started. Tables turned when he fought the election he won and was elected as an MLA and later Arun Gawli formed his own political party and rose as a distinctive political leader.

The parallel track

Under his political mask, Arun Gawli ran his criminal business of kidnapping and murdering people and this goes on for a long time. His house and offices were raided but could not be detained for long. Arun Gawli was then ruling the underworld.

Pic: The Hindu


His followers termed him as “Daddy”. The notorious criminal led his life like a king under whom came many people as his admirers. Bollywood has made a biopic on the life of Arun Gawli.


Final verdict

Arun Gawli finally got convicted for the murder of a Shiv Sena leader whereby he was found guilty under the charge and was sentences with life imprisonment.

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