Ankit Love, British-Kashmiri Musician announced his candidacy for a UK By-Election

Pic: one-love-party

A thirty-two year old has presently declared himself as a candidate for a By-Election for a West London constituency next month. Earlier the British-Kashmiri Musician had set up his one love party last year.

Ankit Love was one of the candidate amongst the twelve in this year’s mayoral elections in May in London even though his defeat in the two- way contest between Conservative party candidate Zac Goldsmith and Labour’s Sadiq Khan was inevitable.

As per Ankit Love, “The One Love party aims to convey a universal message of unity and peace for all mankind.”

He is former MTV artist who came in news when he declared himself the maharaja of the Dogra dynasty of Jammu and Kashmir as the son of Bhim Singh, former president of the Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party. His LinkedIn profile refers to him as “HH the Emperor (Maharaja), Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir”.

His party will focus on reducing air pollution and also promote the use of driverless electric cars in London. Some of Mr Love’s other plans include free higher level education for Londoners and building more hydrogen fuel power stations and installing solar panels on as many homes as possible.

According to Ankit Love, he is a music artist, filmmaker and designer as the founder of Ankit Love Productions.

Mr Khan’s resounding victory has not put him off standing in the Richmond Park by-election, triggered by Goldsmith’s resignation as an MP following the UK government’s decision to break his campaign pledge of not allowing a third runway to be built at Heathrow airport, which falls within the west London constituency.

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