Allan Lichtman- This professor of History has created sensation when he predicted that Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential elections based on keys and he is sensational

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Allan Lichtman is making news and is now spoken by many all over. Reason for that is he had previously predicted that Donald Trump would win the 21016 presidential elections and it is now said that this history professor prediction was based on the fact that elections are usually the reflection on the performance of the party in power. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It is interesting to note that this professor uses keys in predicting the election results and he is now proved right as Donald Trump won the elections beating Hilllary Clinton. It is now clear that the presidential elections from 1860 to 1980 gave indications and keys were founded based on these results.

It must be noted that in the months of September and October this professor summarized Obama and his second term that set the democrats for tight race and he was superb. It is also said that in those months the keys also favoured Donald Trump. It is now brought out that Republican Congress favoured Mike Pence and did not like Trump becoming president as he is unpredictable.

It must be noted that at the end of September conversation this Allan Lichtman surprised many when he said Donald Trump when elected would be subjected to impeachment by Republican Congress. Poll stars plus data based prognosticators use different method but this professor Allan Lichtman uses different method for predictions. According to him polls cannot predict the election results but they are just snapshots and they can only simulate elections. Superb words from Allan Lichtman!!

“The Democrats cannot rebuild by pointing fingers at Hillary Clinton and her campaign, which as the Keys demonstrated, were not the root cause of her defeat. The Democrats can rehabilitate themselves only by offering an inspiring progressive alternative to Republican policies and building a grassroots movement.”

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