23 year old Raaheela Ahmed of Indian origin has won the local elections in USA

Pic: Twitter

This is a superb news that has attracted the attention of many in USA now. A 23 year old girl of Indian origin named Raaheela Ahmed has become cynosure of many eyes as she won the school board race in Princes George’s County of Maryland and it is now confirmed that her district has 80 percent of African-American population.

It is superb that her roots belong to both India and Pakistan as her dad is from India and her mom is from Pakistan and she is now spoken in great regards by many people for her superb achievement. In the state of Maryland dominated by anti-immigrant plus anti-Muslims Raaheela Ahmed winning the local elections is simply superb.

It is great to mention here that this 23 year old girl was endorsed by Michael Steel who was former RNC chairman. It is now said that the diversity of Americans thoughts were brought out when Donald Trump won the presidential elections and this Muslim girl won the state elections at the same day and that is amazing.

Raaheela Ahmed spoke about how happy she was winning the local elections and she spoke about how American dream is still well and alive. She also spoke about how she would like to be a source of inspiration for many minority community people and prove them that hard work combined with prayers and circumstances could take anybody to great heights.

It is now confirmed that her success at the elections was made possible by the support of many people who had great belief on her, Awesome Raaheela Ahmed!!

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