10 Interesting things to know about German Politician Angela Merkel

10 Interesting things to know about German Politician Angela Merkel
Pic: Wikimedia

1Research Scientist

A former research scientist with a doctorate in physical chemistry, Merkel entered politics in the wake of the Revolutions of 1989.

2Polish Roots

Merkel has mentioned her Polish heritage on several occasions, but her Polish roots became better known as a result of a 2013 biography.

3Proficiency in Russian and Mathematics

At school, she learned to speak Russian fluently, and was awarded prizes for her proficiency in Russian and Mathematics.

4Interest after the Fall of Berlin Wall

In 1989, Merkel got involved in the growing democracy movement after the fall of the Berlin Wall, joining the new party Democratic Awakening.

5My Girl

As one of Kohl’s protégées and his youngest Cabinet Minister, she was frequently referred to by Kohl as “mein Mädchen” (“my girl”).

6Her view about nuclear power

Merkel argued that Germany should phase out nuclear power less quickly than the Schröder administration had planned.

7Advocated German-American friendship

Merkel advocated a strong transatlantic partnership and German-American friendship.

8Love for Sports

She is a fervent football fan and has been known to listen to games while in the Bundestag.

9Fear of Dogs

Merkel has a fear of dogs after being attacked by one in 1995.

10Names she got

Some have referred to her as “Iron Lady”, “Iron Girl”, and even “The Iron Frau”. Later in her tenure, Merkel acquired the nickname “Mutti” (a German familiar form of “mother”)

Source: Wikipedia

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