10 Indian Women Politicians who Encourage others to take the field of Politics

10 Indian Women Politicians who Encourage others to take the field of Politics
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Politics as known by different names which belong to different parties. Though politics is a vast network where one gets to see how the field is actually operated and in the era, where woman’s are leading, even in politics we have names which are doing a really great job and making politics a field. These are the women whose works are widely reached to everyone and they also encourage others to join.

Here is the list of some Woman’s in politics.

1Sumitra Mahajan

Member of BJP who holds the position of speaker in Lok Sabha. Sumitra Mahajan is the longest serving member of the Lok Sabha. Mahajan has a clean record in politics. She is a simple and honest lady who believes in doing clean politics. Sumitra Mahajan is one such women in politics who has kept the very clean record.

2Meira Kumar

First woman member of Lok Sabha and a member of Congress Party. Meira Kumar’s political career had been a long journey as she has defeated many big names in the field of politics and made her place intact amongst many others.

3Sushma Swaraj

The well known political personality from the side of BJP. Most courageous women Indian politics have ever seen. She is the Minister of External Affairs of India and her progress in terms of work in politics is widely known. Till now she has helped and rescued many people in and out of India.

4Priya Dutt

Represents the Indian National Congress Party. Priya Dutt is the daughter of Sunil Dutt. Her belief made her through in politics as while she was elected, she turned to be a low voter but managed to won her seat in Lok Sabha. She now handles the Mumbai North West Constituency and is doing all the possible things out.

5Dimple Yadav

The political leader from Samajwadi Party and the wife of Akhilesh Yadav, CM of Uttar Pradesh. Dimple Yadav has been in the present elections  and apart from being a reputed political leader, Dimple Yadav has been on the side to encourage many young woman’s to join politics for the greater good.

6Najma Heptulla

Member of BJP and the current governor of Manipur. Najma Heptulla is against the reservation system in the country as she thinks that the whole concept of reservation kills the spirit of the competition. She is against the odds. A leader who is taking the right steps.

7Poonam Mahajan

Politician from BJP. She is the daughter of Pramod Mahajan who was also the leader of BJP and was murdered. Poonam Mahajan is the national secretary of BJP and also the President of BJP Yuva Morcha. Poonam Mahajan has maintained a proper work flow in her work responsibilities and is the leader to show that nothing can defeat you.

8Meera Sanyal

A member of AAP’s national committee on Economic Policy. As an independent Women, Meera Sanyal had raised funds for AAP elections and also campaigned for the party. She single handedly take on the party and raised it high.

9Gul Panag

AAP member who contested elections of the Lok Sabha from Chandigarh. Gul Panag was true to her work while in the party. She also participated in India against Corruption movement and supported many other good causes.

10Nirmala Sitharaman

Also served as national spokesperson for BJP and is currently representing the state of Karnataka under Narendra Modi’s Ministry. Nirmala Sitharaman played an important role in the 2014 elections and also took things independently. A women who encouraged others to take things on one self.

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