10 Famous Female Spokespersons of Indian Political Parties

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Earlier in our section, we have talked about few male spokesperson belonging from different political parties who have represented their parties at various national and international levels and now we are discussing about some Female spokesperson of political parties who also represent their parties at national and international levels. As already told, a political spokesperson is one who always in need to get out or sort things out of the complexities and defends her party by taking strong actions when in need, as driven by the sharpness and can get into all matters which spark any type of question or any debate.

Here is a list of some political party spokespersons (Female) who came out as the best and the most sharp one.

Priyanka Chaturvedi

Spokesperson from Congress and as a spokesperson she often take part in political debates on TV News Channels and is also a vociferous critic. Priyanka Chaturvedi is famous for taking her opponents down during the debate and with facts.

Meenakshi Lekhi

The national spokesperson of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and basically debates on matters of national and international importance. Meenakshi Lekhi mostly goes on for women rights and her sharp sense of understanding things is always appreciated.

Alka Lamba

Spokesperson from AAP. Alka Lamba holds personal matters of AAP party on TV debates and in press conferences. Lamba holds her every point in detail and is known for protecting her party from various obligations which she had reported as fake.

Juhie Singh

Juhie Singh is a spokesperson who belongs to Samajwadi party and holds internal matters of the party while debating. Juhie Singh has a sharp mind of presence and she often distract her opponents with genuine informations.

Ragini Nayak

The congress party spokesperson. Known as to be loud one has the ability to destroy her rivals with her developed facts and info. She is the one who holds the most outrageous personality in the party as  a spokesperson.

Shaina NC

Shaina NC is a spokesperson from BJP party. As known about her that she is the Indian Fashion Designer and also a social worker. As a female politician, in television debates she projects herself as young, urbane, and women-friendly face of the BJP. She has views correct and based on detailed information.


Popularly known as the South Indian Film actress and television hostess and afterwards she joined Congress party after meeting with the party President, Sonia Gandhi and took the position of the party spokesperson. Khushboo has a large following and thus her every debate was as successful as she was.

Shazia Ilmi

The Bhartiya Janta Party Spokesperson. Previously she was the spokesperson for the India against corruption movement that was led by the revolutionary Anna Hazare and presently she has been the spokesperson for BJP and has been dealing with political issues relating with other party.

Nupur Sharma  

Spokesperson from BJP. Nupur Sharma carries full facts  and always on her IQ. She has debated many times on Arnab Goswami’s show, the News Hour. Making impress by her detailed knowledge is one of her qualities  and is also known to leave the debate when getting personal on issues.

Atishi Marlena

Atishi Marlena holds to spoke from AAP. An spokesperson who chose to speak up on areas like education and curriculum and being as a spokesperson, she is also seen on television debates representing the party on her grounds.

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